Friday, April 24, 2009

SJP: The Poor Man's Vera Farmiga

While enjoying illegal viewings of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on YouTube (that have since been removed), Kellina fell in pseudo-lez love with Vera Farmiga (you may recognize her from The Departed). In trying to describe her to me, Kellina said, "She's like... Sarah Jessica Parker, but pretty." Then we had one of those moments where lightbulbs of understanding popped up over our heads, and we gasped and LOLed around all over the place. This is our life.
I knew she was right, but it was one of those realizations that a quick Google Images search could enhance to the nth degree. And it didn't take long before we were all, "OMG YES, THIS IS PERFECT." We do occasionally speak in caps lock. This is also our life. Caps lock and LOLing around on things. There is no surface in our homes untouched from LOL. But I digress.

Let us clarify the statement of the post title with a visual aide:

Vera Farmiga: Glowing and gorgeous. Sarah Jessica Parker: Ew.
(images courtesy of IMDb).