Thursday, January 21, 2010

you still don't know us

... and maybe you never will. We're busy, bitches. Work, kids, school, family, other shit. We didn't mean to abandon our nonexistent readers, but life gets in the way of blogging. Especially when owners of said blog are two of the most epic procrastinators on the goddamned planet. Listen, when we rule at things, we rule hard, and this includes ignoring everything but our children and liquor cabinets. (HA! A liquor cabinet! As if we could afford to buy enough liquor that we couldn't finish in one night and still had enough left over for warranting a miniature panic room.) While we work on sobering up long enough to construct some more meaningful, or at least existent, posts... why don't you mosey on over to Kellina's bad-ass but extraordinarily sparse blog? It will give you a little taste of what we have planned for months and months and months and never actually done anything about.

Oh God. This could be the last post you ever see from us.

Okay, okay. Really - if Kellina takes her Adderall and Kelli stops eating Krispy Kremes long enough to, you know, do anything else, this won't be the last you see from the Do We Really Need Pants Team of Sexually Fantastical Genius Goddesses.

First things first: I think we need a nickname.